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About the TradingView analysis platform

TradingView positions itself as an international platform of traders. Therefore, the platform is multi-lingual and has different localizations of its community. The system also has a well-organized system of "blogs" of traders, who thanks to this have the opportunity to publish charts with their technical analysis. Such charts are called "ideas". Users can subscribe to the authors of such "ideas" and use their recommendations in further trading. TradingView helps to keep abreast of all market events, which is not unimportant for any trader. The service has a number of comprehensive tools for charting and analyzing data.

Track the USD index against other currencies using the user-friendly interface of the TradingView platform

The interface of the platform can be divided into 4 parts:

Main menu. It includes all the main sections of the platform: graphical, trading and market modules, a service for searching stocks by specified parameters, communities, the "More" tab, which contains all the basic information about the platform and answers to frequently asked questions, a search bar and a personal profile.
Editor's Choice. One of the most valuable sections, which collects a selection of topical ideas and important articles of traders; it is a kind of social network, where you can like, comment and share with your friends.
Stock Exchange Analysis. Here you can vary between windows and extract valuable and currently relevant information about the financial instruments of interest.
Basic functions of the trading platform: notifications, news feed, calendar, general and private conversations, and more.

Functions and features of the TradingView platform for analysis and charts

You can work with TradingView online or on your desktop. You can work directly in your browser or install the mobile app (for iOS and Android). The platform offers a free trial to get started and more advanced versions on a subscription basis. The website is translated into various languages, more than 18 of them.

TradingView has a lot of features and functions (some of them are free and do not require registration):
  • A wide range of almost all analysis tools is presented;
  • It is available to build your own charts with markdowns using templates. They can be saved for further use or shared with other users;
  • Charts of a huge number of trading platforms and markets are available (the screen can be divided into many synchronized charts and viewed simultaneously);
  • Hundreds of technical indicators are available. If you are a more advanced trader and have programming experience, you can use the function of creating scripts (your own indicators) in TradingView to further customize your platform (they can be uploaded to the library);
  • It is possible to set alerts and server alerts on market events;
  • Historical data about dividends and stocks, as well as the relationship between them;
  • There is a macroeconomic news feed and a trader's social network;
  • You can sort stocks using a number of filters, including market capitalization, price, exchange, volume, sector and even expert rating.
Tradingview is a high-quality and reliable trading terminal that will suit both beginners and more experienced participants of stock trading. A large number of tools, the ability to customize the platform, free trial period - everything contributes to the development, promotion and user convenience. This platform also helps to stay ahead of the markets and be aware of all events.
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